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sam shaw

Sam Shaw
Shaw Cattle Company, Idaho

We get our cows bred up better, as far as heat detection, managing labor and workforce, plus the health aspect. The added value is getting that early AI pregnancy or that ET calf in that recip. Increasing our conception rate and getting those heifers bred up right, instead of being bred by the clean-up bull or being open, that's value for us.

sam shaw

Reiss & Heather Bruning
Bruning Farms, Nebraska

We know exactly the onset of estrus and breeding window. This saves 4 to 6 hours per AI group, which frees time to manage breeding and calf health. Our conception rates increased 8% in the first year and were 5% above average in the last two years. We are doing bigger AI groups, which reduced our first-cycle calving window by 10 to 14 days.

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