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Continuous monitoring of beef cows significantly improves estrus detection. Put SenseHub Beef to work 24 hours per day.

Gain an edge:

  • Timely AI windows for heifers and cows
  • Monitor heat cycles for breeding and rebreeding
  • More efficient use of reproductive hormones, semen and embryos
  • Monitor status of heifers, brood cows, donor dams and recipient cows
  • Track estrus onset to put selection pressure on heifer puberty

Cut costs, save time and stay on top of your operation.

Even the best programs may miss heats and breed too early or too late. eSense tags measure animal movement, rumination and eating data, which is relayed in easy-to-understand alerts and visualized data.

Bottom line: Beef cow infertility costs the cattle industry nearly $250 million annually.1

Seedstock producers go to work every day to improve fertility traits in the nation's cow population. These innovators are creating big benefits for their commercial customers. SenseHub Beef helps them monitor detailed data on female reproductive status and provides another powerful tool in the pursuit of improved beef-cow fertility.

Studies show up to 95% heat detection is possible with continuous monitoring.2

At Colorado State University, cows on estrous synchronization were watched for standing estrus 24 hours a day or twice a day for 30 minutes over five days. Continuous monitoring caught 95% of heats, while observing twice a day only caught 56%.

Monitoring helped this producer raise more bulls.

Seedstock operation results — more revenue.
This Angus breeder installed SenseHub Beef and increased AI pregnancies from 62% to 71%. Here are the results of the operation's bull sales before and after installation of SenseHub Beef.

AI Pregnancies 62% 71%
AI Bull Calf Sale Price (Ave) $3,150 $3,375
Natural Service Bull Calf Sale Price (Ave) $1,600 $1,786
Sale Revenue $251,300 $286,061

More cows were bred per AI group, along with labor savings of 4 to 6 hours per group. The calving window was reduced 10 to 14 days. More animals were sold at a higher sale price, resulting in higher revenue. Example budget based on 100-cow herd. Results occurred in 2016 and 2017 bull sale season. Actual results will vary based on unique operational and environmental variables.

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Reiss & Heather Bruning
Bruning Farms, Nebraska

We know exactly the onset of estrus and breeding window. This saves 4 to 6 hours per AI group, which frees time to manage breeding and calf health. Our conception rates increased 8% in the first year and were 5% above average in the last two years. We are doing bigger AI groups, which reduced our first-cycle calving window by 10 to 14 days.

Sam Shaw
Shaw Cattle Company, Idaho

We get our cows bred up better, as far as heat detection, managing labor and workforce, plus the health aspect. The added value is getting that early AI pregnancy or that ET calf in that recip. Increasing our conception rate and getting those heifers bred up right, instead of being bred by the clean-up bull or being open — that's value for us.